Reserva de la Biosfera La Campana – Peñuelas: micro-región modelo para la planificación del desarrollo regional sustentable

Moreira-Muñoz, Andrés; Salazar, Alejandro; Moreira-Muñoz, Andrés; Borsdorf, Axel

Keywords: ecosystem services, bioregion, sustainability planning, place-making, priority conservation sites


The La Campana – Peñuelas Biosphere Reserve is a fundamental unit in the protection of the Mediterranean ecosystems in Chile, recognized worldwide for their high level of species richness and endemism. At the same time, central Chilean ecosys- tems are highly threatened since the biota coexists in this territory with the most highly populated regions by humans in Chile, the Metropolitana and Valparaiso Regions. This poses significant challenges to undertake effective action on sustainable devel- opment, in line with the current concept of Biosphere Reserves. In this regard, the micro-region that forms the La Campana – Peñuelas Biosphere Reserve could be considered as a model for environmentally sustainable land management.

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