Methods for website analysis

Poblete, Barbara; Baeza-Yates, Ricardo


A specification of a target web site is received. A number of field web sites related to the target web site are identified. Data values are acquired for a set of metrics for the target and each field web site. These data values are processed to evaluate a standing of the target web site relative to the field web sites, while maintaining anonymity of the field web sites. An average web site is determined by respectively averaging data values for the field web sites. A bounding web site is characterized by the best data values from among all field web sites. Target web site data values are compared to average and/or bounding web site data values at a given time. Variations in differences between target web site data values and corresponding average and/or bounding web site data values over time determines improvement and/or success of the target web site.

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Fecha de publicación: 2014

US 8751632 B2

Notas: grant patent