Clinical guidelines to Chagas diseases Part I. Introduction and epidemiology

Apt A., Heitmann I., Jersic MI., Jofré L., Muñoz C. P., Noemí I., Torres M.

Keywords: chilean epidemiology, American trypanosomiasis, Chagas disease, guidelines


The natural existence of this vectorial zoonosis and the development since 1991 of initiatives in the American Region in order to control Chagas Disease, did necessary to prepare this document to update the knowledge about the disease and to exhibit guidelines for healthcare workers in Chile, as Chagas disease is a public health problem that needs to be attended in an integral way. A definition for Chagas disease and its classification according to the international classification of diseases (ICD 10) are presented. The general importance and disease load are concise and briefly commented, while the vector geographic distribution, the magnitude in Chile, its reservoir, the parasite main characteristics and its transmission mechanisms are reviewed. A definition for acute suspected and confirmed cases is given, and the epidemiological situation in Chile and a brief cost-benefit analysis of Chagas disease are presented.

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Fecha de publicación: 2008
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