Clinical guidelines to Chagas diseases Part III Chagas disease in donors to blood banks

Apt A., Heitmann I., Jersic MI., Jofré L., Muñoz C. P., Noemí I., Torres M.

Keywords: Chagas disease, american Trypanosomiasis, blood banks, transfusion, prevention.


In this chapter it is emphasized the importance to guarantee safety and high quality blood transfusions. Besides, the following topics are analyzed: the importance of Trypanosoma cruzi infection acquired by blood transfusions, the obligatory screening implemented in Chilean blood banks and serological diagnostic techniques used that for, the seroprevalence observed, the importance to confirm results and methods recommended in this purpose and, to notify the donor once the infection is confirmed. In addition a facsímil of a letter used to notifique the positive donor is included as guidelines to make advice after, attaching a proforma of cliical-epidemiological registration to refer the donor to medical evaluation and treatment.

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