Vapor-Liquid Equilibria for -Pinene and -Pinene and for these Pinene with Heptane, Cyclohexane, 1-Octene and Cyclohexene

Reich, Ricardo; Sanhueza, Vilma

Keywords: binary, equilibria, mixture


Low-pressure isothermal vapor-liquid equilibria (VLE) have been measured for binary systems of α-pinene and β-pinene, and for α-pinene and β-pinene with heptane, cyclohexane, 1-octene and cyclohexene, at two temperatures, which are used in the determination of a specialized UNIFAC interaction parameter table. A total of nine systems were investigated in the temperature range of 338.15-388.15 K and pressures below atmospheric. The experiments have been carried out in a Stage and Fischer equilibrium still with circulation in both phases and with special Viton seals. UNIFAC interaction parameters have been correlated for the new main groups ‘α-pinene’ and ‘β-pinene’ with alkanes and cycloalkanes (‘CH2’) and alkenes and cycloalkenes (‘CC’).

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Volumen: 77
Fecha de publicación: 1992
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