p53 tumor supresor gene in digestive cancer

Roa, JC; Roa, I; Araya, JC; Villaseca, MA; Melo A.; Burgos, L.


Malignant diseases of the digestive tract cause more than 50% of deaths due to cancer in Chile. There is a high incidence of gastric and gallbladder cancer and an increasing frequency of colorectal cancer. P53 tumor suppressor gene has a great importance in carcinogenesis and its alterations are specially important in digestive tract tumors such as colorectal cancer. There is contradictory evidence about the frequency of p53 gene or protein alterations or their biological significance. There is little information about p53 in Chile and it is mostly limited to immunohistochemical studies. This revision analyzes the frequency of p53 alterations in digestive tract tumors in Chile, using immunohistochemical and molecular biology methods. A special emphasis is given to the prognostic importance of this gene (Rev Med Chile 2000; 128: 1269-78).

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Título según WOS: p53 tumor supresor gene in digestive cancer
Título de la Revista: REVISTA MEDICA DE CHILE
Volumen: 128
Número: 11
Editorial: Sociedad Médica de Santiago
Fecha de publicación: 2000
Página de inicio: 1269
Página final: 1278
Idioma: Spanish
Notas: ISI