Effects of statins in cancer

Cuello, M.; Kato, S; Diaz, D.; Owen, G


Effects of statins in cancer This review explores the evidence supporting a potential benefit of statins in cancer. In particular, the lipophilic forms (i.e. lovastatin, simvastatin, or similar) would have a therapeutic but not a preventive role. The pleiotropic effects that statins possess mainly explain this phenomenon, influencing the natural history of disease and the response to currently available therapies. By inhibiting the mevalonate pathway, statins would have a systemic effect, similar to that observed in atherosclerosis, reducing the inflammatory stimuli present in the tumor micro-environment and inhibiting the activation of intracellular signaling cascades critical for proliferation, migration/invasion and metastasis of the cancer cell. Despite all this evidence, randomized trials are needed to confirm the benefit of statins on cancer, before promoting their widespread use as a therapeutic or preventive strategy for this condition. (Rev Med Chile 2013; 141: 227-236).

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Título según WOS: Effects of statins in cancer
Título de la Revista: REVISTA MEDICA DE CHILE
Volumen: 141
Número: 2
Editorial: Sociedad Médica de Santiago
Fecha de publicación: 2013
Página de inicio: 227
Página final: 236
Idioma: Spanish
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