Estimation of costs caused by cystic echinococcosis

Venegas J.; Espinoza S.; Sánchez G


Background: Hydatid disease or cystic echinococcosis, caused by the parasite Echinococcus granulosus, has a worldwide distribution, affecting people of working age and can cause high levels of morbidity and even death. Aim: To estimate the economic impact at the human and animal level caused by the disease in Chile. Material and Methods: We analyzed information about the disease obtained from reports and publications emanated from the Chilean Ministry of Health, United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, the U.S. National Institute of Statistics and the National Agricultural Service. Animal derived costs were estimated evaluating the expenses for pharmacological treatment of infected dogs and animal production losses derived from confiscations and reductions in meat production. Results: The total number of patients who underwent surgery to remove a hydatid cyst in Chile during 2012, was estimated as 767 individuals. The annual costs derived only from surgical treatment, were estimated in USD 2.46 million. Summing the costs of sick leaves and loss of productivity, the costs at the human level ascended to USD 3.13 million. Considering human and animal costs, the annual economic burden of the disease was estimated in USD 14.35 million. Conclusions: The Analysis of the regional distribution of human and animal hydatidosis, suggests a significant environmental contamination with parasite eggs in high incidence regions such as Aysen, Araucania, BioBio and Coquimbo. The efficiency of control programs for the disease would be greatly improved if the causes for these regional contaminations are elucidated.

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