Seasonal Variation and Resin Composition in the Andean Tree Austrocedrus chilensis

Olate, VR; Soto A.; Schmeda-Hirschmann, G


Little is known about the changes in resin composition in South American gymnosperms associated with the different seasons of the year. The diterpene composition of 44 resin samples from seven Austrocedrus chilensis (Cupressaceae) trees, including male and female individuals, was investigated in three different seasons of the year (February, June and November). Twelve main diterpenes were isolated by chromatographic means and identified by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR). The diterpene composition was submitted to multivariate analysis to find possible associations between chemical composition and season of the year. The principal component analysis showed a clear relation between diterpene composition and season. The most characteristic compounds in resins collected in summer were Z-communic acid (9) and 12-oxo-labda-8(17), 13E-dien-19 oic acid methyl ester (10) for male trees and 8(17), 12,14-labdatriene (7) for female trees. For the winter samples, a clear correlation of female trees with torulosic acid (6) was observed. In spring, E-communic acid (8) and Z-communic acid (9) were correlated with female trees and 18-hydroxy isopimar-15-ene (1) with male tree resin. A comparison between percent diterpene composition and collection time showed p < 0.05 for isopimara-8(9), 15-diene (2), sandaracopimaric acid (4), compound (7) and ferruginol (11).

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Título según SCOPUS: Seasonal variation and resin composition in the andean tree Austrocedrus chilensis
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