Evaluation of an online health promotion Diploma

Salinas, J; Munoz, C; Albagli, A; Vio, F


Background: Health promotion in Chile is essential, considering its current epidemiologic status where chronic diseases are predominant. Aim: To report the evaluation of an on-line Diploma in health promotion for Primary Health Care professionals. Material and Methods: Two hundred sixty four professionals from all regions of the country (40% rural and 60% urban) took the Diploma. It lasted 8 months with 248 academic hours distributed in 5 modules with a total of 15 units. The program was evaluated with four surveys answered by the students (general description of participants, mid-term, final and follow-up). Results: Students were highly satisfied with the program and especially with its interactive methodology which included tutorials, individual and group assignments, online discussions and a final project. The drawbacks were time restrictions and limited internet access. Ninety percent of students completed the course with an overall mean grade of 5.57 (out of a 1-7 scale). The follow-up survey showed that students implemented the new health promotion knowledge acquired, and put in practice their final assignment in their local counties. Also, most students improved their working conditions. Conclusions: The on-line interactive and participative methodology applied in this Diploma had positive results and the evaluation model can be applied in other health promotion online education programs.

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