Coping and ethnicity: Strategies in Aymara boys and girls

Caqueo Urizar A.; Urzúa, A; Ferrer R.; Pereda, N; Villena C.; Irarrázaval, M

Keywords: ethnicity, coping, aymara, acculturation stress


Aymara Childrens have experienced significant migration process over the past decades, however, few studies have been developed in children belonging to this ethnic group. In this reserch, the objective is to evaluate and compare the coping strategies used by Aymara and not Aymara Children. The sample consisted of 685 boys / girls aged 9 and 15 years of Municipal Schools and Private Schools Funded by the city of Arica. The results show the absence of differences population between Aymara and not Aymara boys and girls, in relation to problems experienced (p chi 2> .05), the use of coping strategies used(pt> .05) and the effectiveness of the latter (pt > .05). We can conclude that children, as belonging to the ethnic group, are achieving adequate coping mechanisms in urban contexts.

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Título según WOS: Coping and ethnicity: Strategies in Aymara boys and girls
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Volumen: 32
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Fecha de publicación: 2014
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