Nutrient intake of Chilean older people according to body mass index

Duran, S; Ulloa, A; Reyes, S

Keywords: aged, nutrition assessment, dietary requirements


Background: An adequate consumption of micro and macro nutrients is essential to maintain an adequate health among older people. Aim: To compare the consumption of micro-and macronutrients in older people from three Chilean cities, according to their nutritional status. Material and Methods: Body mass index (BMI) was assessed and a food consumption tendency survey was applied to 976 non-disabled older people, living in the community. Thinness was defined as a BMI < 23 kg/m(2). Results: Twenty percent of females and 17% of males had a BMI < 23 kg/m(2). Participants with a higher BMI had a greater intake of micro-and macronutrients. In females, micronutrient intake was adequate among those with higher BMI, although mean intake of calcium and vitamin B-12 were below recommendations. In males, iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium, vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and pantothenic acid intake were below recommendation. Conclusions: Thin older adults, regardless of sex, had a lower intake of calories and micro- and macronutrients. Additionally, an overall low consumption of zinc, calcium, magnesium and vitamin B12 was detected.

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Título según WOS: Nutrient intake of Chilean older people according to body mass index
Título de la Revista: REVISTA MEDICA DE CHILE
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Fecha de publicación: 2014
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