Social Agency in Marine Conservation Efforts in the Central Coast of Chile

Araos, Francisco; McConney, Patrick; Medeiros, Rodrigo; Pena, Maria

Keywords: Chile, MPA, conservation governance, social agency


In recent years the establishment of Marine Protected Areas (MPA) has intensified worldwide. Recent studies have shown the importance of social and political issues related to the implementation of MPAs. They influence the success and effectiveness of these management and conservation tools. This paper aims to summarize our understanding of the political process related to the implementation of MPAs in Chile based on the analysis of the emergence of the no-take marine reserve “Santuario Marino Bosque de Calabacillo de Navidad” in the Navidad Municipality. The MPA was created through the participatory effort of the fishers union, the municipal government and university academics. The results showed the role of social agency and of the different actors in guiding transformations in the system of governance of marine and coastal resources in the direction toward sustainability.

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