Visualization and analysis of EPS glycoconjugates of the thermoacidophilic archaeon Sulfolobus metallicus

Zhang, RY; Neu, T; Zhang, YT; Bellenberg S.; Kuhlicke, U; Li, Q.; Sand W.; VERA M.

Keywords: biofilm, elemental sulfur, glycoconjugates, lectin, thermoacidophilic archaea


Biofilms are surface-associated colonies of microorganisms embedded in a matrix of extracellular polymeric substances (EPS). As EPS mediate the contact between cells and surfaces, an understanding of their composition and production is of particular interest. In this study, the EPS components of Sulfolobus metallicus DSM 6482(T) forming biofilms on elemental sulfur (S-0) were investigated by confocal laser scanning microscopy (CLSM). In order to visualize cell and EPS distributions, biofilm cells were stained with various dyes specific for glycoconjugates, proteins, nucleic acids and lipids. Biofilm cells on S-0 were heterogeneously distributed and characterized as individual cells, microcolonies, and large clusters up to a hundred micrometers in diameter. The glycoconjugates in biofilms were detected by fluorescence lectin-binding analysis (FLBA). Screening of 72 commercially available lectins resulted in the selection of 21 lectins useful for staining biofilms of S. metallicus (T). Capsular EPS from planktonic cells were mainly composed of carbohydrates and proteins. In contrast, colloidal EPS from planktonic cells were dominated by carbohydrates. Proteins were found to be major components in EPS from biofilms on S-0. Using specific probes combined with CLSM, we showed that extracellular proteins and nucleic acids were present in the EPS matrix. Finally, we showed that S. metallicus (T) cells were embedded in a flexible EPS matrix. This study provides new insights into archaeal biofilms and EPS composition and properties with respect to their interactions with S-0.

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