Reaction channels and spectroscopic constants of astrophysical relevant Silicon bearing molecules SiC3H+ and SiC3H

Pino, NI; Cárdenas C; Fuentealba P.

Keywords: molecular processes, molecular data, astrochemistry, ism: molecules, ism: abundances


Reaction channels and spectroscopic properties of a series of silicon-carbon-bearing isomers of SiC3H+ and SiC3H, which are suitable species for astrophysical detection in carbon-rich sources, are calculated with correlated ab initio CCSD(T) and density functional theory methods. We present four isomers of SiC3H+ for which the electronic ground states have closed-shell configurations. For SiC3H, we considered the same structures in order to present a complete study. The global minimum among the SiC3H+ isomers corresponds to the rhomboidal structure with a transannular bond in a (1)A(1) electronic state (rb3-SiC3H+ C-2v X(1)A(1)). The next minima correspond to a second rhomboid (1)A(1) isomer and a linear isomer (X-1 Sigma(+)) with relative energies 0.86 and 0.93 eV, respectively at the CCSD(T)/cc-pvTZ level of theory. The most stable mono-hydrogenated silicon carbon isomer is linear, followed by two rhomboidal isomers, rb2-SiC3H and rb3-SiC3H (0.23 and 0.31 eV). For each structure, a set of spectroscopic parameters including their equilibrium structures, rotational constants, harmonic frequencies and dipole moment is presented. Furthermore, we discuss plausible formation pathways of SiC3H+ isomers which are classified as charge-exchange, ion-neutral and dissociative recombination reactions. These results show one favourable pathway to produce rb3-SiC3H+ from rb-SiC3-3s. The formation energy of the cation's isomers coming from neutral isomers as linear 11-SiC3H, rb3-SiC3H and rb2-SiC3H plus H+ as reactants (charge-exchange reaction) are 203.8 kcal mol(-1) (8.84eV), 175.4 kcal mol(-1) (7.60 eV) and 195.2 kcal mol(-1) (8.46 eV), which provides us with evidence of the endergonic character of these reactions. As a consequence, it does not seem to be feasible to produce a cation from neutral reactant plus H+ by a charge-exchange reaction that was proposed by UMIST.

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