Outcomes using two preservation solutions (UW/HTK) in liver transplantation from brain death donors

Martinez, J.; Bachler, JP; Moisan, F; Torres J.; Duarte, I; Pérez RM; Benítez C.; Arrese M.; Dominguez, P.; Guerra, JF; Jarufe, N

Keywords: liver transplantation, cost-benefit analysis, Organ preservation solutions


Background: Preservation solutions are critical for organ transplantation. In liver transplant (LT), the solution developed by the University Of Wisconsin (UW) is the gold-standard to perfuse deceased brain death donor (DBD) grafts. Histidine-Tryptophan-Ketoglutarate (HTK), formerly a cardioplegic infusion, has been also used in solid organ transplantation. Aim: To compare the outcomes of LT in our center using either HTK or MAT solution. Patients and Methods: Retrospective study including 93 LT DBD liver grafts in 89 patients transplanted between March 1994 and July 2010, Forty-eight grafts were preserved with UW and 45 with HTK. Donor and recipient demographics, total infused volume, cold ischemia time, post-reperfusion biopsy, liver function tests, incidence of biliary complications, acute rejection and 12-month graft and patient survival were assessed. Preservation solution costs per liver graft were also recorded. Results: Donor and recipient demographics were similar. When comparing UW and HTK, no differences were observed in cold ischemia time (9.6 +/- 3 and 8.7 +/- 2 h respectively, p = 0.23), biliary complications, the incidence of acute rejection, primary or delayed graft dysfunction. Histology on post-reperfusion biopsies revealed no differences between groups. The infused volume was significantly higher with HTK than with UW (9 (5-16) and 6 (3-11)l, p < 0.001). The cost per procurement was remarkably lower using HTK Conclusions: Perfusion of DBD liver grafts with HTK is clinically equivalent to UW, with a significant cost reduction.

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