Exemplars´Impacts in Marketing Communication Campaigns

Hidalgo, Pedro; Uribe, Rodrigo; Manzur, Enrique

Keywords: advertising, marketing communication, organ donation, Exemplars, Base-rate information


This study expands upon research on exemplification persuasiveness by examining advertising messages. Using the issue of organ donation, Study 1 compares the effect of exemplar versus base-rate information on credibility, emotionality (arousal, pleasure, and dominance), and the intention to donate. Results show that participants exposed to exemplars demonstrate higher behavioral intention, emotional arousal, and credibility than those exposed to statistical arguments. Study 2 evaluates the effect of two stylistic characteristics of exemplars, the use of photographs and quotations, on the same dependent variables. The findings illustrate that the use of only the exemplar's pictures has a significant impact on the intention to donate and emotional arousal.

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