A retrospective analysis of reactive hyperplastic lesions of the oral cavity: study of 1149 cases diagnosed between 2000 and 2011, Chile

Maturana-Ramírez A1, Adorno-Farías D1, Reyes-Rojas M1, Farías-Vergara M1, Aitken-Saavedra J1


The aim of this study was to determine the relative frequency and distribution of reactive hyperplastic lesions (RHL) of the oral mucosa at the Oral Pathology Institute of the School of Dentistry at the University of Chile. This was a retrospective study of 1149 biopsies with histopathological diagnosis of RHL, performed between 2000 and 2011. The RHL were classified in 4 groups: fibrous hyperplasia (FH), pyogenic granuloma (PG), peripheral giant-cell granuloma (PGCG) and peripheral ossifying fibroma (POF). RESULTS: the most frequent RHL was FH (71. 1%), followed by PG (21.1%), PGCG (5 %) and POF (2.9%). RHLs were more frequent in women (70.7%). The most highly affected age group was the 50- to 59-year-olds (22%). The most frequent location for RHL was maxilla (24.7%), followed by cheek (20.6%), tongue (19.4%) and jaw (18.5%). The most prevalent RHL diagnosis was FH. The most frequently affected sex was female, the most frequent age range was 50-59 years, and the most frequent location, maxilla

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