Platform for distance development of complex automatic control strategies using Matlab

Sartorius, Aldo; Hernandez, Luis; Aracil, Rafael; Rubio, Ernesto; Santana, Ivan


In this paper is presented a Distance Laboratory System (DLS), which is a distance laboratory focused in automatic control study developed in Universidad Central 'Marta Abreu' de las Villas. The main objective of this laboratory is to permit the users to learn to adjust predefined controllers and to design their own controllers for testing them later over a set of physical devices through the Internet and to analyze their performance. The targeted controllers (designed by the users) can use S-functions created using C language, permitting the creation of complex controllers in an easy and fast way. The DLS uses MATLAB-Simulink for practice processing and the Real Time Workshop Toolbox (RTW) such as real time kernel. The DLS permits integration of new processes for carrying out controller tests. At present three devices are available: a DC motor and a robot manipulator in Cuba as well as an electropneumatic cylinder in Spain. Since the last year the DLS has been used in identification and control theory undergraduate courses in Universidad 'Marta Abreu' de las Villas and Universidad de Cienfuegos in Cuba, as well as in postgraduate courses in Mexico in the fields of advances control theory and robot manipulator control.

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