Shared Resources Management by Price Coordination

Martí, Rubén; Navia, Daniel; Sarabia, Daniel; De Prada, César; Ian David Lockhart, Bogle; Michael, Fairweather


Abstract This work presents an approach to optimal operation of a system with shared resources based on price coordination. The system consists of three consumer units where oxygen is the shared limited resource. They are operated by local optimizers minimizing local costs where the prices associated to the shared resources, the flows of oxygen from the distribution lines, have different values that are set up by an upper level. This level operates like a market-like mechanism modifying the prices of the consumers according to the demand of the shared resources. The market is asymmetric, and operates like an anti-windup system to correct prices in case a resource is exceeded. Results on simulation of price coordination method are compared with fully decentralized NMPC structure and a centralized one.

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Fecha de publicación: 2012
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