Learning cross-spectral similarity measures with deep convolutional neural networks

Aguilera, Cristhian A.; Aguilera, Francisco J.; Sappa, Angel D.; Aguilera, Cristhian; Toeldo, Ricardo

Keywords: convolution, computer vision, spectral analysis, neural nets, image representation, learning (artificial intelligence)


The simultaneous use of images from different spectra can be helpful to improve the performance of many computer vision tasks. The core idea behind the usage of cross-spectral approaches is to take advantage of the strengths of each spectral band providing a richer representation of a scene, which cannot be obtained with just images from one spectral band. In this work we tackle the cross-spectral image similarity problem by using Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs). We explore three different CNN architectures to compare the similarity of cross-spectral image patches. Specifically, we train each network with images from the visible and the near-infrared spectrum, and then test the result with two public cross-spectral datasets. Experimental results show that CNN approaches outperform the current state-of-art on both cross-spectral datasets. Additionally, our experiments show that some CNN architectures are capable of generalizing between different cross-spectral domains.

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Fecha de publicación: 2016