Pamam, spacer molecule and cafestol polymers

Leonardo S. Santos; John Almalraj; Esteban F. Durán-Lara; Fabiane Nachtigal


The present invention is directed to a polymeric compound with a size in a nanometric scale, useful as a biocompatible carrier for the transport and delivery of active agents into a fish, insect, animal, reptile, bird, human, or plant, wherein said polymeric compound comprises PAMAM (polyamidoamine) dendrimers, a spacer molecule, and cafestol, wherein the polymeric compound of the invention comprises a structure of the kind (cafestol-PAMAM derivative)2-spacer molecule. Use of the compound as a biocompatible carrier for transport and delivery of antithrombotic active agents is disclosed. Procedures for obtaining a polymeric compound comprising the activation of cafestol, activation of polyethylene glycol, and formation of cafestol-PAMAM-PEG-PAMAM-cafestol are also disclosed.

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Fecha de publicación: 2015

US 20140371401 A1