Antipyretic, hypothermic and antiinflammatory activities and metabolites from Solanum ligustrinum Lood.

Delporte, C., Backhouse, N., Negrete, R., Salinas, P., Rivas, P., Cassels, B.K., San Feliciano, A.

Keywords: Solanum ligustrinum, glycoalkaloids, scopoletin, antipyretic


he acute toxicities of the global methanol extract of Solanum ligustrinum (Solanaceae) and the crude steroidal glycoalkaloids mixture were determined. The antipyretic, hypothermic and antiinflammatory activities of aqueous, global methanol, petroleum ether, dichloromethane and methanol extracts and crude steroidal glycoalkaloids mixture of the aerial parts were evaluated. All the extracts and the crude steroidal glycoalkaloids mixture were inactive in the hypothermic activity assay, nevertheless, they showed antipyretic and antiinflammatory activities. Scopoletin and beta-sitosterol 3-O-beta-D-glucoside were isolated and identified from the dichloromethane extract. The impure coumarin fraction showed antipyretic and antiinflammatory activities and beta-sitosterol glucoside exhibited antiinflammatory activity. In the light of the results of several NOE experiments, the H-5 and H-8 signals in the H-1-NMR spectra of scopoletin were reassigned. The methanol global extract yielded a crude steroidal glycoalkaloids mixture with antipyretic and antiinflammatory effects.

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Título de la Revista: Phytotherapy Research
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Número: 2
Fecha de publicación: 1998
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