Laminin inhibits amyloid-β-peptide fibrillation

Bronfman, Francisca C.; Garrido, Jorge; Alvarez, Alejandra; Morgan, Carlos; Inestrosa, Nibaldo C.


Laminin, an important extracellular matrix component is induced by brain injury and colocalizes with amyloid-beta-peptide (A beta) deposits in Alzheimer brains. We report here that laminin inhibits amyloid fibril formation as determined by thioflavin T fluorescence spectroscopy and electron microscopic examination. The inhibition of amyloid formation by laminin was concentration dependent and was observed at a laminin concentration of 300 nM, corresponding to a laminin/A beta protein molar ratio of 1:800. The potential effect of laminin, may prove important to inhibit A beta fibrillogenesis in vivo, specifically at the level of cerebral blood vessels.

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Título de la Revista: Neuroscience Letters
Volumen: 218
Número: 3
Fecha de publicación: 1996
Página de inicio: 201
Página final: 203


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