The p75 neurotrophin receptor interacts with multiple MAGE proteins.

Tcherpakov M1, Bronfman FC, Conticello SG, Vaskovsky A, Levy Z, Niinobe M, Yoshikawa K, Arenas E, Fainzilber M.


The p75 neurotrophin receptor has been implicated in diverse aspects of neurotrophin signaling, but the mechanisms by which its effects are mediated are not well understood. Here we identify two MAGE proteins, necdin and MAGE-H1, as interactors for the intracellular domain of p75 and show that the interaction is enhanced by ligand stimulation. PC12 cells transfected with necdin or MAGE-H1 exhibit accelerated differentiation in response to nerve growth factor. Expression of these two MAGE proteins is predominantly cytoplasmic in PC12 cells, and necdin was found to be capable of homodimerization, suggesting that it may act as a cytoplasmic adaptor to recruit a signaling complex to p75. These findings indicate that diverse MAGE family members can interact with the p75 receptor and highlight type II MAGE proteins as a potential family of interactors for signaling proteins containing type II death domains.

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Título de la Revista: journal of Biological Chemestry
Volumen: 277
Número: 51
Fecha de publicación: 2002
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