Implementación de Herramientas y Procesos del Observatorio Virtual Chileno

Solar, Mauricio; Araya, Mauricio; Mendoza, Marcelo; Mardones, Diego; Finger, Ricardo

Keywords: Astroinformatics


This project aims to consolidate the development of the Chilean Virtual Observatory (ChiVO) as a result of previous research in the FONDEF D11I1060 project. Based on the prototype of the ChiVO, the implementation phase, testing and commissioning of the basic services of a Virtual Observatory (VO) is performed under IVOA (International Virtual Observatory Alliance) standards, providing generic access and interoperability of indexed astronomical data in ChiVO. It is proposed to incorporate new sets of astronomical data produced in Chile, and investigating new services and data analysis methodologies for the astronomical community. In this line, the addition of new heterogeneous data from different observatories (eg ALMA, Gemini, Paranal, etc) is an essential task for the utility of the platform, so a data entry process will be defined, including the analysis and accessibility to data and metadata, provenance, import data model and data ingestion. In addition, work will continue on the intelligent analysis of astronomical data, aiming to generate a distinguishing feature compared to VOs worldwide. In particular, new services and/or VO applications, semantic search and data mining based on the results of previous research, advancing in the automatic analysis of spectral lines as a strategic project to develop long-term, high- impact is created.

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Fecha de publicación: 0
Año de Inicio/Término: 2016 (june)-2018 (may)
Financiamiento/Sponsor: FONDEF IDEA