Hiring an internationally qualified engineer for development of astronomical instrumentation

Bronfman, Leonardo


The Astronomy Department of Universidad de Chile is presently carrying on several projects to develop detectors for radio astronomy. A principal project is the design and construction of a prototype receiver for ALMA Band 1, working at frequencies from 31 to 45 GHz. For this project we proposed to hire an internationally qualified engineer in order to manage the ALMA Band 1 design and construction, as well as other activities of the Millimeter Wave Laboratory at the Astronomy Department in Cerro Calán (MWL). The general goal of the project is to seriously develop the Chilean capacity to build astronomical instrumentation at the Millimeter Wave Laboratory in Cerro Calán. While there are several astronomy and engineering professors involved in such effort, as well as PhD and undergraduate students, a qualified engineer with international experience is needed to manage the principal project at the laboratory. The Astronomy Department, with the help of the Basal Funding Program, wants to hire such professional to secure the success of the instrumentation endeavors presently carried on at the Department. The specific goal of the proposal is to count at the Astronomy Department with a dedicated engineer to manage the principal project presently underway, namely the design, construction, and testing of a prototype of ALMA Band 1 receiver. The qualified professional hired is to be dedicated full time to the activities of the laboratory. His role will include also the responsibility of technical evaluation of the new projects to be carried out at the laboratory.

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