Postdoctoral fellow for ALMA early science

Bronfman, Leonardo


ALMA Early Science observations begun in October 2011 with the first, Cycle 0, proposal deadline held in June 2011 and the next in March 2012. In order to take full scientific advantage of this spectacular new facility in Chile, it is vital that prospective ALMA users among the astronomers at the Astronomy Department of the Universidad de Chile, as well as otherwise in Chile, are thoroughly prepared and informed about all aspects of ALMA, ranging from technical and scientific capabilities and data reduction software to the practicalities of presenting a successful observing proposal. Scientific expertise is particularly important, since the Astronomy Department has scientific interests ranging from star formation to galaxy formation and evolution. Key to addressing this situation is the hiring a Postdoctoral Fellow for a two-year position, whose role is to act as a technical and scientific interface between Department astronomers and the ALMA project. The postdoc provides both the necessary local on-site scientific and technical expertise to support and train astronomers for the presentation of successful Early Science observing proposals, with the goal of achieving successful scientific involvement in ALMA by department astronomers. Further activities by the Postdoctoral Fellow include scientific collaboration in ALMA research programs with other scientists; attracting students and visitors to the Department; participation in discussions regarding ALMA Band 5 development; and general promotion of Chilean participation in the ALMA project and its synergy with other telescope facilities in Chile.

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