A 1.2 m mm-wave Telescope at Cerro Calán

Bronfman, Leonardo


This project consists in partial support to install a 1.2 m mm-wave telescope at the National Astronomical Observatory in Cerro Calán, operating in the 86 – 115 GHz frequency range. The principal driver is to enhance the scientific education and technological training of graduate and advanced undergraduate students in astronomy and electrical engineering by operating an active research telescope and keeping its performance optimized. The instrument was disassembled and moved from Cerro Tololo Observatory to Cerro Calán in July 2009, and reassembled at the Millimeter-Wave Laboratory. Its installation and testing is to be carried out within the present project. The contribution of the GEMINI Fund mainly consists in the acquisition of a vacuum system for the cryogenic receiver, and includes other minor expenses for dome renewal.

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Fecha de publicación: 0
Año de Inicio/Término: 1/1/2010-1/1/2011
Financiamiento/Sponsor: CONICYT