Molecular target size of an L-glutamate receptor from the cockroach central nervous system.

Sepúlveda MI; Sattelle DB


L-Glutamate binding to cockroach central nervous system (CNS) membranes is unaffected by freeze-drying and subsequent rehydration. The dissociation constant is similarly unaltered by irradiation at a dose of 3 Mrad which affects only the number of biologically active binding sites. A molecular weight estimate for this insect CNS L-glutamate receptor was performed using irradiation inactivation analysis. By this method a molecular target size of approximately 77.8 kDa was determined. This figure is in agreement with the molecular weight found by other authors for L-glutamate binding sites in the rat brain.

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Título de la Revista: Neurosci Lett.
Volumen: 100
Número: 1-3
Fecha de publicación: 1989
Página de inicio: 210
Página final: 214
Idioma: English
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