Social Inequality and Mental Health in Chile, Ecuador, and Colombia.

Quijada, Yanet, Villagrán, Loreto, Vaccari, Pamela, Reyes, Carlos, Gallardo, Luz

Keywords: mental health, social inequality, public policy, social well-being, Social defeat


The results of a comparative study of social inequality and mental health show that Chile and Colombia, which have enormous social gaps despite their economic growth, are characterized by poor mental health indicators and social discontent, while the better equity indicators in Ecuador are not clearly linked to mental health. The concept of social defeat is suggested as a mediator between social inequality and individual and collective mental health, and participation and empowerment are suggested as ways of improving social well-being

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Título de la Revista: Latin American Perspective (2018)
Volumen: XX
Fecha de publicación: 2018
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