Actitudes de escolares chilenos de distinto nivel socioeconómico al inicio de la implementación de la Ley que regula la venta y publicidad de alimentos altos en nutrientes críticos. Nutr Hosp 2017; 34(2): 431-438.

1. Olivares S, Araneda J, Morales G, Leyton B, Bustos N, Hernández MA, Oyarzún MT.

Keywords: Foos law, Food labelling, Critical nutrients, Children attitudes


Abstract Background: On June 27th 2016 the law that regulates sale and advertising of foods high in critical nutrients was implemented in Chile. This law regulates the processed food packaging labelling of foods high in calories, saturated fats, sugars and sodium. Objective: To determine 8-12 year old school children attitudes, from different socioeconomic levels (SEL) and nutritional status, toward the new food labelling law. Methods: A previously validated survey was applied, adding questions regarding the new logos to be added on the packaging of foods and beverages. A descriptive analysis of the variables being studied was conducted and differences in relation to the SEL and nutritional status were determined using the Chi2 test. Results: Statistically signifi cant differences were not observed for gender or city. Regarding the new logos, 87.3% of the children from a medium to high SEL and 78.5% from low SEL indicated that they liked to be informed about the contents of food (p < 0.01). Fifty-three per cent from medium to high SEL and 48% from low SEL would stop buying the foods with logos. Fourteen per cent to 22% will continue to consume sweet biscuits, sugary drinks, chocolates and chips, without a difference in SEL. Children with a normal nutritional status and medium to high SEL placed more importance on logos high in calories, saturated fats and sodium, and children of low SEL on logos high in sugar. Overweight or obese children from medium to high SEL considered all four logos more important than children of low SEL. Discussion: These results will facilitate educational and social marketing support to improve the understanding, compliance and fulfi llment of the law.

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