Biochemistry and functional characterization of squid mantle meat (Dosidicus gigas).

Abugoch, L; Guarda A.; Perez, LM; Donghi, MI


A study for the characterization of frozen giant squid mantle (meat) protein stored at -25 degreesC for 8 month was started. In the present research, the folowing functional properties were investigate: emulsifying. water holding and gel forming capacities. Optimal conditions for the separation and differentiation of miofibrillar and sarcoplasmmatic proteins were also studied. It wasas found that the unfrozen giant squid mantle meat es capable of emulifying 2.817,4 g of oil/g of protein and holding capacity was 3,64 g of water/g of protein. Related to the gel forming capacity, it was not obtain, probably due to excessive storage of the meat. With regard to miofibrilar protein obtention of the squid mantle meat, it was found that two low ionic strength washings (I=0,05), the sarcoplasmic proteins were practically eliminated from the protein matrix. The differentiation of miofibrilar and sarcoplasmatic proteins was obtained by PAGE-SDS of the squid mantle meat extracted at two differents ionic strength (I=0,05 and I=0,5). This work demonstrates that the giant squid mantle protein has a high emulsifying and water holding capacity, and it can be used, as a raw material, for the improvement of sausage products. About the gelling products, more studies will be necessary with fresh squid mantle meat to conclude about this functional property.

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