Chapter 3: Toxic effects of arsenic on human erythrocytes.

Mario Suwalsky, Cecilia Rivera, Fernando Villena, Carlos P. Sotomayor.; Taylor & Francis Group

Keywords: Arsenic, toxic and pollution, cell membranes


A prevalent and increasingly important issue, arsenic removal continues to be one of the most important areas of water treatment. Conventional treatment plants may employ several methods for removing arsenic from water. Commonly used processes include oxidation, sedimentation, coagulation and filtration, lime treatment, adsorption onto sorptive media, ion exchange, and membrane filtration. However, in the most affected regions, large conventional treatment plants may not be appropriate and factors such as cost and acceptability as well as performance must be considered. This book, published in cooperation with leading experts in this field, provides a thorough analysis of the problems, solutions, and possible alternatives to achieve safe water production on a global scale.

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Fecha de publicación: 2010
Idioma: English