Applying Soft Computing for prediction of copper recovery in leaching process

Leiva C.; Flores, Victor; Salgado F.; Poblete D.; Acuña C.; Mejia Jezrel

Keywords: artificial neural network, copper recovery, Softcomputing, Leaching Process


The mining industry of the last few decades recognizes that it is more profitable to simulate model using historical data and available mining process knowledge rather than draw conclusions regarding future mine exploitation based on certain conditions. The variability of the composition of copper leach piles makes it unlikely to obtain high precision simulations using traditional statistical methods; however the same data collection favors the use of softcomputing techniques to enhance the accuracy of copper recovery via leaching by way of prediction models. In this paper, a predictive modeling contrasting is made; a linear model, a quadratic model, a cubic model, and a model based on the use of an artificial neural network (ANN) are presented. The model entries were obtained from operation data and data of piloting in columns. The ANN was constructed with 9 input variables, 6 hidden layers, and a neuron in the output layer corresponding to copper leaching prediction. The validation of the models was performed with real information and these results were used by a mining company in northern Chile to improve copper mining processes.

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