Leonardo Agurto Venegas; Nurhan Abujidi; Paulina Espinosa; Luis Merino

Keywords: Bioclimatic rehabilitation, Low-cost, incremental retrofit for housing, Innovative techniques in sustainable architecture and design.


Despite its accession to the OECD, Chile still faces the task of rehabilitating existing housing. There is a huge housing stock that was built before the new thermal regulation took effect in 2000 and that accordingly no longer meets the minimum criteria for thermal comfort and energy efficiency. This requires the development of low-cost strategies, progressive and easy replicability to rehabilitate this large amount of social housing. Therefore, the proposal is for integration of diverse bioclimatic systems and passive architecture devices as components. Adding to it with small interventions, functions and features of adaptation to the environment which normally don´t have, solar collectors, solar kitchens and fruit dryers, energy storage by adding properties, such as thermal mass and different reconfigurable passive architecture elements, thereby supplying progressively step by step limitations given by the criteria of social housing. The study focuses on the BioBio region, in the South of Chile, which, in addition to its climatic rigor, currently also has the highest rate nationwide of wooden housing, reaching 48% of the regional total. The proposal begins typologizing and ratig bioclimatic solutions adapted in scale and in context, starting this first study by climatic contexts. Collecting solutions and adapting others, creating a kit of autonomous low-cost bioclimatic prosthetic elements based in low-tech conception, which will be inserted progressively into the housing in a low-cost logic of rehabilitation. Therefore, this paper can be seen as first step towards developing a simplified catalogue and explanation of bioclimatic solutions to be used for developing countries in social housing field.

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Fecha de publicación: 2014
Año de Inicio/Término: 28 al 29 de Octubre del 2014
Idioma: English-Spanish
URL: http://www.plea2015.it/