Inequalities in Health: Realities, Efforts and Way Forward

Paudel, Deepak; Abera, Muluemebet; Kyeyune, Rachel; Solis-Soto, Maria Teresa; Lohani, Ashish; Wandiga, Steve; Nji, Akindeh; Froschel, Guenter

Keywords: symposium, inequalities in health


Inequalitiesinhealtharenotanewphenomenonbutachallengeforpublichealthpractitioners around the globe. Considering the importance of the topic, a one day symposium was organized targeting publichealth, medical andsocial science professionals andstudentsinMunich,Germany on March 17th, 2012. The paper documents major highlights of the event and summarizes the importance of such events in sensitizing current and future professionals on different aspects of health inequality and in drawing their attention into the topic.

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Editorial: World Medical & Health Policy
Fecha de publicación: 2012
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