Valor predictivo del ensayo del cometa en la evaluación de la radiosensibilidad individual en sangre periférica

Güerci, A; Zúñiga, L; Marcos, R

Keywords: Radiosensibilidad individual, ensayo del cometa, sangre periférica.


In many research works, the evaluation of radioinduced genotoxic damage is considered in the light of the construction of calibration curves with dosimetry aims, using citogenitcs techniques. However, the present research proposes, in a innovating way, the use of curves to evaluate the individual radiosensitivity when implementing the comet assay. The results suggest that within the range 0 to 8 Gy the sensitivity of the used method allows the obtain- ing of a relative answer prediction (radiosensivity) in relation to the olive tail moment. Taking into account the back of aggrement about implementation of this assay and the parameters which better represent genetic damage, the accomplishement of this type of research in different laboratories is suggested. Our purpose is to reach agreement in work methodology and criteria which allow to produce an opinion on which consensus has to play an important key role, ensuring correct reading of results.

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