2014: WHO's 25th World No Tobacco Day Global Campaign

Luminita, Sanda; Peruga, Armando; Velasco Munoz, Cesar; Alejandra, Perez-Perez


Background: Since 1988, WHO have celebrated and supported World No Tobacco Day (WNTD), linking each year to a different tobacco-related theme. New technologies and creative design have been used by WHO in order to adapt to the current trends and needs providing the public with visually attractive posters and brochures. Methods: A review of World Health Organization (WHO) material on WNTD was made, every year themes and posters were collected and analysed to be presented in a comprehensive way. Results: A systematic timeline and an infographic were designed, enclosing the themes of WNTD across the years. The evolution of WNTD themes was commented on with a historical approach. Conclusions: WNTD has evolved adapting to the current scenarios, and is a good example of a global communication campaign on public health awareness and prevention.

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