Bioética: el pluralismo de la fundamentación

Ferrer, Jorge José; Lecaros, Juan Alberto; Molins, Róderic; Ferrer, Jorge; Lecaros, Juan Alberto; Molins, Roderic


The authors of this work have found a great effort for analyzing from here, from a Latin perspective, the great problems of the foundation of ethics and bioethics. The problem of the foundation is the most basic of all topics that deal with bioethics. The rationale has to see with rational justification the reason for our other moral options. It is true that, like this book, it has satiety, the philosophical models of foundation are multiple. H. T. Engelhardt has written for more than decades that "bioethics" is a plural noun. You are plural precisely because of the plurality of foundations. And as it could not be otherwise, in the book, many quests that have been opened.

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Fecha de publicación: 2016
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