A review of the evolution of heel shoes according to a historical context and its effect on the health of its users

Milena Velasquez, Sandra; Castano Rivera, Patricia; Valderrama, Sebastian


In this work, we conducted a review of the literature on the evolution of heel shoes according to a historical context and to current studies related to their effect on the health of its users. The search was conducted in public catalogues from two of the libraries of the city of Medellin (Colombia), as well as in the following databases: Scopus, Science Direct, Scielo, and IEEE Xplore. As a result, it was concluded that the heel shoe has historically meant power, prestige and beauty, aesthetics being the predominant design criteria. Nonetheless, currently it is ergonomics and comfort those who take more and more strength, in order to reduce injuries or diseases of the foot, the spine, the knee or other parts of the body, which are generated by the frequent use of shoes that are ergonomically inappropriate. Every day, people take more awareness of the importance of health, through the creation or use of a product, as in the case of shoes.

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