. Dislipidemia en niños y adolescentes con historia familiar de enfermedad cardiovascular precoz

Bustos, Paulina; Radojkovic, Claudia; Perez, Luis; Saez, Katia; Cleveland, Carol; Friz, Carolina; Castro, María Eugenia; Arévalo, Esteban; Sanchez, Andrea; Asenjo, Sylvia

Keywords: Dyslipidemia, infant and juvenile population, family history of early CVD.


In Chile, cardiovascular diseases (CVD) represent the first cause of mortality. The risk of CVD is greater if other factors are associated, among which the family history of CVD acquires special relevance due it represents an independent risk factor of atherogenesis. Aim: To evaluate cardiovascular risk markers: lipid profile, hsCRP and nutritional status in children and adolescents with positive family history of early cardiovascular disease. Subjects and Materials: Descriptive-transversal study. 138 children and adolescents with a mean age of 13,1 ± 5,4 years were studied. Anthropometric measurements, blood pressure, lipid profile and hsCRP were evaluated. Results: Dyslipidemia was found in 55,1% of the studied population, that was mainly characterized by hypertryglyceridemia and decreased levels of HDL-chol (39,1%). In the total of dyslipidemic subjects, 10,5% showed 3 altered lipid parameters (total chol, tryglicerides and HDL-chol), 22,4% presented 2 parameters that were out the reference range (tryglicerides and HDL-chol) and the 34,2% had only one lipid parameter altered (low levels of HDL-chol or hypertriglyceridemia). Dyslipidemia was observed in 69,1%, of the overweight and obese population and it was 40,6% in the normal weight subjects. hsCRP concentrations were higher in dyslipidemic and overweight and obese individuals. Conclusions: Dyslipidemia was highly frequent in children and adolescents with positive family history of early CVD and even higher in those overweight and obese subjects. These findings support the screening of dyslipidemia in children and adolescents with positive family history of early CVD.

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Título de la Revista: Revista Chilena de Endocrinología y Diabetes
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Fecha de publicación: 2017
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