Sex Hormones: Role in Neurodegenerative Diseases and Addiction

Martinez Pinto, Jonathan; Castillo, Rodrigo L.; Sotomayor-Zárate, Ramón; Drevensek, Gorazd

Keywords: parkinson disease, alzheimer, neuroprotection, drug addiction, neonatal programming, sex hormones, dopaminergic circuit


The brain is a complex organ in charge of regulating the homeostasis of our body and behaviors such as motivation, reward, memory, and movement control, between others. These behaviors are regulated by dopaminergic neurons, which can be modulated by several stimuli throughout the life of an individual. For example, early exposure to sex hormones or endocrine disruptors during critical period of neuronal development affects dopaminergic pathways permanently, producing some disorders such as drug addiction. On the other hand, current knowledge regarding neurodegeneration in Parkinson and Alzheimer diseases pointed out the neuroprotection that estradiol can exert, but contradictory information can also be found in the literature. To know the underlying mechanisms that are related to the above mentioned diseases will help to improve health policies and treatments development

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