Differential expression of SofDIR16 and SofCAD genes in smut resistant and susceptible sugarcane cultivars in response to Sporisorium scitamineum

Sanchez-Elordi, Elena; Contreras, Roberto; de Armas, Roberto; Benito, Mario C.; Alarcon, Borja; de Oliveira, Eliandre; del Mazo, Carlos; Diaz-Pena, Eva M.; Santiago, Rocio; Vicente, Carlos; Legaz, Maria E.


Proteomic profiling of the stalk of a smut resistant and a susceptible sugarcane cultivars revealed the presence of dirigent and dirigent-like proteins in abundance in the pool of high molecular mass (HMMG) and mid-molecular mass (MMMG) glycoproteins, produced as part of the defensive response to the fungal smut pathogen. Quantitative RT-PCR analysis showed that expression levels of SofDIR16 (sugarcane dirigentl6) and SofCAD (sugarcane cinnamyl alcohol dehydrogenase) were higher in the smut resistant My 55-14 cultivar than in the sensitive B 42231 cultivar prior to infection. Inoculation with fungal sporidia or water decreased the level of SofCAD transcripts in My 55-14, indicating that regulation of SofCAD expression does not take part of the specific response to smut infection. In contrast, SofDIR16 expression was almost nullified in My 55-14 after inoculation with fungal sporidia, but not after water injection. It is proposed that the decreased expression of dirigent proteins induces the formation of lignans, which are involved in the defense response of the smut resistant My 55-14 cultivar.

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