Hybrid formulation of metal and carbon structure with dental applications for the treatment of dentinal hypersensitivity, demineralization and caries.

Mario Diaz-Dosque; Rodrigo Cabello; Humberto Plaza


BlueRemin is a technology inspired in the need of dental professionals to access to a product able to both control caries and re-mineralize the tooth, without the secondary effect as others commercial products such as staining after treatment. BlueRemin is a stand-alone product that does not need support from other products or devices to generate the effect of both stopping the progression of caries and promoting the mineralization of caries lesions, and it can be applied by the dentist directly on teeth. BlueRemin’s components make it an original and unique product for both caries control and tooth remineralization: the combination of its components generates both a bactericidal effect eliminating the bacteria associated with progression of caries, and a capacity to remineralize the lost dental tissue without the effect of black dyeing like the other commercial products such as SDF. Furthermore, BlueRemin does not cause tooth staining after application, and the color that remains in the tooth after application is barely detected. Finally, BlueRemin’s cytotoxicity is much lower than commercial products.

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Fecha de publicación: 2019
Idioma: caries ;cariostatic; dental hypersensitivity

N° 201602960: WO/2018/090156