Plant promoters induced by hydrological shortage and use thereof

S. Ruiz, J. Casaretto, A. Espinoza.


A nucleotide promoter sequence permits regulation of gene expression in plants including at least 80% of identity with sequence or a portion of promoter sequence of genes Atlg05340 or Atlg80160 of Arabidopsis. A method obtains a plant genetically modified with such a promoter nucleotide sequence and a method obtains promoter regions of genes Atlg05340 or Atlg80160 of Arabidopsis

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Fecha de publicación: 2013
Idioma: BA; Drought; GUS; HPLC; HPT/VTE2.1; Inducible promoters; MDA; Oxidative stress; ROS; Tobacco; WT; abscisic acid; high-performance liquid chromatography; homogentisate phytyltransferase; malondialdehyde; qRT-PCR; quantitative reverse transcriptase polymera


Notas: This disclosure relates to the field of agricultural biotechnology and molecular biology in plants, especially to the regulation of gene expression in plants. Specifically, this disclosure relates to isolation, characterization and use of promoter regions that permit the expression of genes in plants to improve the growth and development of plants when they are in conditions of drought or ground salinity. Additionally, the disclosure relates to plants genetically modified showing a gene of interest fused with said promoter sequences.