A new functional biofilm biocatalyst for the simultaneous removal of dibenzothiophene and quinoline using Rhodococcus rhodochrous and curly amyloid overproducer mutants derived from Cobetia sp. strain MM1IDA2H1

Dinamarca, M. Alejandro; Eyzaguirre, Johana; Baeza, patricio; Aballay, Paulina; Canales, Christian; ojeda, juan

Keywords: adsorption, quinoline, dibenzothiophene, simultaneous removal, Functional biofilm


Biocatalyst systems based on biofilms were developed to remove nitrogen and sulfur-containing heterocyclic hydrocarbons using Cobetia sp. strain MM1IDA2H-1 and Rhodococcus rhodochrous. The curli overproducers mutants CM1 and CM4 were derived from Cobetia sp. strain and used to build monostrain biofilms to remove quinoline; and together with R. rhodochrous to simultaneously remove quinoline and dibenzothiophene using mixed biofilms. The quinoline removal using biofilms were 96% and 97% using CM1 or CM4 curli overproducers respectively, whereas bacterial suspensions assays yielded 19% and 24% with the same strains. At the other hand, the simultaneous removal of quinoline and dibenzothiophene using mixed biofilms were respectively 50% and 58% using strains R. rhodochrous with CM1 and 75% and 50% using R. rhodochrous with CM4. Results show that biofilms were more efficient than bacterial suspension assays and that in mixed biofilms the shared surface area by two or more bacteria could affect the final yield.

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Título de la Revista: Biotechnology Reports
Volumen: 20
Fecha de publicación: 2018
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