Biotransformation of Araucaria araucana lignans: Solid-state fermentation with a naturally occurring Pleurotus ostreatus strain

Rugolo, Maximiliano; Bravo-Arrepol, Gaston; Cajas-Madriaga, Daniel; Rajchenberg, Mario; Becerra, Jose

Keywords: lignans, laccase, Pleurotus, Araucaria, GC-MS


Lignans degradation and the enzymatic production by naturally occurring strains of the white-rot fungus Pleurotus ostreatus grown under solid-state conditions on wood shavings of Araucaria araucana were investigated. Highest laccase activity was 0.111 ± 0.067 IU g-1 dry matter substrate and the highest MnP activity was 0.220 ± 0.109 IU g-1 dry matter substrate, detected after 25 days when grown on solid state-cultivation medium. Only two lignans resisted the biological degradation: Eudesmin and secoisolariciresinol-4-methyl ether-9´-acetate.

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Notas: Submitted 21 Dec 2018