Short communication: Patterns of fecal shedding of Klebsiella by dairy cows

Munoz, M. A.; Zadoks, R. N.


Patterns and persistency of fecal shedding of Klebsiella spp. by healthy adult dairy cattle were explored with probabilistic, statistical, and molecular methods. Fecal shedding was monitored longitudinally in 92 animals in 1 herd for 5 mo. Shedding patterns followed a random binomial distribution, and associations with host factors were not detected. For 12 animals from 4 herds, strain-typing of multiple fecal Klebsiella isolates was performed by means of random-amplified polymorphic DNA typing. For 2 animals, additional typing was performed on isolates from samples collected on several consecutive days. A large variety of Klebsiella strains was detected within samples ( on average, 3.1 strains per 4 isolates) and between samples ( 18 of 20 strains were detected only once in feces from cows that were sampled for 5 d consecutively). Results from each method suggest that fecal shedding of Klebsiella is associated with transient rather than persistent presence of the organism in the gastrointestinal tract.

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Volumen: 90
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Fecha de publicación: 2007
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