Repercussions of inborn errors of immunity on growth

Goudouris E.S.; Segundo G.R.S.; Poli C.


Objectives: This study aimed to review the literature on the repercussions of the different inborn errors of immunity on growth, drawing attention to the diagnosis of this group of diseases in patients with growth disorders, as well as to enable the identification of the different causes of growth disorders in patients with inborn errors of immunity, which can help in their treatment. Data sources: Non-systematic review of the literature, searching articles since 2000 in PubMed with the terms "growth'', "growth disorders'', "failure to thrive'', or "short stature'' AND "immunologic deficiency syndromes'', "immune deficiency disease'', or "immune deficiency'' NOT HIV. The Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIN) database was searched for immunodeficiencies and short stature or failure to thrive. Data summary: Inborn errors of immunity can affect growth in different ways, and some of them can change growth through multiple simultaneous mechanisms: genetic syndromes; disorders of the osteoarticular system; disorders of the endocrine system; reduction in caloric intake; catabolic processes; loss of nutrients; and inflammatory and/or infectious conditions. Conclusions: The type of inborn errors of immunity allows anticipating what type of growth disorder can be expected. The type of growth disorder can help in the diagnosis of clinical conditions related to inborn errors of immunity. In many inborn errors of immunity, the causes of poor growth are mixed, involving more than one factor. In many cases, impaired growth can be adjusted with proper inborn errors of immunity treatment or proper approach to the mechanism of growth impairment. (C) 2018 Sociedade Brasileira de Pediatria. Published by Elsevier Editora Ltda.

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